Steel Metal That Stands The Test Of Time


Steel, as a whole, has been used for centuries and continues to be improved as time goes by. And because of steel, the United States leads the world in the import of steel, moving $27 billion in just 2017 alone. It is used in a wide array of industries. Cars for example, use about 13 percent of the world’s steel, with robotics and manufacturing take a piece of the pie at about 16 percent while buildings and infrastructure tally a whopping 50 percent!

Steel is made with the use of an induction furnace. This process takes the components necessary and heats them, successfully creating steel, copper, iron, aluminium, and even precious metals like gold and platinum. Many companies order from induction furnace manufacturers because induction furnace manufacturers create the induction furnaces to be usable without arc of combustion methods; the heating is never higher than it needs to be if an individual is worried about losing valuable elements.

Choosing the right induction furnace manufacturers can be a bit tricky. The individual or company first needs to decide what it is they will need it for. If you are looking to work with steel, you will need a furnace that can reach 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, that is 1370 degrees Celsius, which has been calculated as the melting point of steel. Do you work with gold and need a gold melting furnace? Maybe it is just copper which means you just need a copper melting furnace. Look for an induction furnace manufacturer that provides a great ratio between pricing and equipment features.

Steel continues to be a widely used metal, even in small portions. Have you ever worked in construction? Steel is used almost exclusively. The foundation of a home, whether it is slab or pier and beam, employs the use of steel in small amounts as support. The knives in your kitchen are typically made with stainless steel. The surgical tools you find in hospitals like surgical knives are also made with stainless steel. The pipes that channel sewage are usually made with steel. Steel is everywhere and in just about everything and holds our infrastructure. And since most steel can be recycled and last a hundred years with proper maintenance, it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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