Are You Planning an International Vacation?

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You have been scrimping and saving for the last 18 months. In an effort to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary and the high school graduation of your younger daughter and the college graduation of your younger daughter, your family decided to travel to the Greek Island of Santorini. This major trip was not approached lightly. You have eaten more home cooked meals than expensive restaurant dinners; you have told your daughters that if they want that second pair of athletic shoes then they need to buy them with their own money; you have even driven the family mini van for 18 months longer than you planned. To the girls, however, the biggest sacrifice has been strictly adhering to a no gift year. No birthday gifts and no Christmas presents.

Because you have successfully budgeted and purchased the round trip airline tickets for the trip from the U.S. to Snatorini, however, you have planned one little surprise for Christmas. You have gathered all of the best travel books and brochures on the area and you are going to let each of them plan their own excursion. You have already reserved and paid for a majority of the large family home that you will be renting for the two weeks, so you are not opposed to each of the girls planning an overnight stay to one of the other islands. With either a boat trip or a chartered flight, it is very possible to enjoy one or two of the other islands while still spending the greater majority of your time on Santorini.

Both of the girls have only been on one private jet charter before, so you know that would be an option they would both enjoy, but your younger daughter’s love of the ocean might mean a boat ride instead. Gulfstream private jets are more expensive in the U.S., and the opportunity to fly over the Mediterranean on an affordable will serve as a real incentive for tackling this task.

The travel goal has actually served as a great financial motivator and it is easy to see when your closets are full of clothes and your garages are full of cars, that the quest for more material items is often counterproductive. You are hoping that either a Gulfstream private jet flight or a charter boat cruise will serve as a perfect motivation for your girls to always put travel ahead of material possessions. By the year 2011, there were 11,261 private jets registered in the U.S. And while there may not be that many in Greece, there are still plenty of options to help your family enjoy this dream vacation.

Once you have had a chance to fly on a Gulfstream private jet or another kind of non commercial airline, you may not ever want to go back to living a normal life,

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