Eco Friendly Signs in the Restaurant


Advertising, used efficiently and correctly, can maximize the potential of a business. The signage possibilities open to a business are endless: banners, display boards, restaurant advertisements, custom sandwich board, life size posters, wall decals, and more. These signs raise awareness of your business and encourage consumers to give you their patronage. However, these signs are all too often made of harsh, environmentally unfriendly plastics and compounds that sit in landfills for years after use. Do you want your business name on a sheet of plastic that never rots, or would you rather be a face in the growing trend of using eco friendly signs? These environmentally friendly sings are usually made with up to 50% post consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, which helps to diminish landfill overflows without sacrificing sign quality.
If you are a deli owner and you are skeptical that these eco friendly signs are not as durable as others for your custom sandwich board, think again. These signs, whether they are made of PCR material, are themselves completely recyclable, or are made of biodegradable alternatives, are just as hardy as traditional signs with the same level of chemical resistance, from acids all the way to solvents. These signs are not vulnerable to the elements, either, and thusly can be used indoors or outdoors.
Signage is used a lot in the business world, which is why switching to eco friendly signs is so important. In fact, signage is a huge factor in the success of a business, and here’s why:
Over 70% of people read the messages in roadside advertising;
Merchandise with signage outperforms merchandise without signage by 20%;
Most consumers feel that the quality of a business is reflected by the quality of its signs;
And a business’s customers that live within a five mile radius of the business are likely to see its signage 50 times or more weekly.  
With these statistics, it is quite obvious that signage is vital to a business’s health. If you switched your deli business to an eco friendly custom sandwich board and other environmentally friendly initiatives, you may be eligible for grants and credits from different federal environmental agencies.
You may also attract a whole new base of clientele. If you are running a business that participates in other environmentally conscious practices beyond eco friendly signs, you can often find signage that displays your intent to help sustain the environment to your customers, through go green messages or the recycling logo. Using this signage to communicate to consumers your environmental consciousness may grow your business through the attraction of other eco friendly patrons that care. 

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