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Electrical can be a tricky sort to reckon with. Considering that more than 300 deaths and 4,000 injuries come from electrical hazards in the United States each year dealing with electricity if not carefully done can even be deadly. Electrical issues are one of the six leading causes of deaths in the workplace. Surly, the last thing a business needs is to have to explain to the family of one of their workers that the worker died due to faulty electrical. The heartbreak and the lawsuits that could come from something like this is simply a matter that could be avoided easily if you simply make sure that all cables are safe for use. How do you do this though? How can you be sure that some sort of electrical issue is not going to pop up? Well let’s discuss what the cable in your business should look like, and how to be sure that these accidents can in fact be avoided.

Let us first start by defining a wire

A wire is a single strand of rod metal. It is a single fixture that is used to bare and communicate electricity. This is the core of your cable, the part that if broken could mean that your whole cable needs to be replaced. It is also the part that should in fact never be touched by hand. With electricity running through it this is the most dangerous portion of a cable.

Jacket covering wire

Over the wire is a carefully placed jacket covering that protects the conductor and you from being harmed by the electricity. While this is still dangerous if you were to hold it in your hand, it does help with the power and provides needed support to casing in the electricity so you and your workers are not harmed.


Now perhaps the most important part here, our sleeving that goes over these wire and jacket coverings. Our sleeving is the protective barrier that you and your workers need to protect themselves from electrocution. This carefully made sleeving is safe and for all uses and even tools that come into contact with it. Made for your business these data transmission cable products are just the things you need for any project to keep your business running smoothly and your employees protected.This sleeving is the reason you can touch your cords without worry.

Insure that you and your business are protected, reduce the risk of employee accidents and purchase our cable for your next big project. It will be a benefit to you and yours where there are not any big issues that arise and you can simply go about your every day work without being concerned that an employee can be in trouble due to faulty cable and dangerous power. Keep your business in check and your workers always happy. Your business will run a lot smoother if you do.

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