How To Spice Up Your T Shirts With Screen Printing And Embroidery

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When it comes to your shirts they can get a bit boring, especially if they are simple shirts for work or school. With things like cheap embroidery designs, an embroidery design shop, or embroidery designs for embroidery machines you can spice up your shirts and make them something truly special. Personalized embroidery patterns are great for adding your initials to a shirt, adding your logos for work or a business, or even adding fun little designs that are just meant to add detail.

A custom t shirt is a great way to feel great about what you are wearing and also to add that extra bit of flair and personality to the shirt. If you own a business or you just want to make your shirts stand out, embroidery is a wonderful option that does not cost a ton of money and that won’t affect the overall structure and integrity of the shirt. The right embroidery can make any shirt more fun. Finding the right company to embroider and screen print your shirts is essential and can make a huge difference on the finished product.

From monogram shirts to sports team custom shirts, screen printing has become a huge part of the business world here in the United States. We don’t think about it much, but almost everybody has at least one screen printed article of clothing, most typically and most likely to be a t shirt of some sort. Screen printing has a wide variety of different applications and can be used by many different people, from t shirt companies to those who are looking fund raise for a charitable organization of some sort and are interested in creating t shirts to back up their cause and advertise it. From monogram shirts to family reunion shirts, the applications of screen printing are truly endless.

And screen printing has a longer history here in the United States than many people realize, dating back more than fifty years ago. In fact, history backs this up, showing that screen printing and screen printing techniques were used to create promotional items for the movie of The Wizard of Oz back in the year of 1939. This is considered to be one of the first promotional uses of a screen printing machine ever, not just in the United States. Of course, in the years that have intervened since, now more than fifty of them, screen printing technologies have advanced considerably and are now commonplace and easy to reproduce. Screen printing services are particularly common for group events and teams, as it is easy to screen print the same shirt with the same thing, allowing for a greater sense of unity – and even some advertisement, if it is so desired. Screen printing has now reached a tremendous level of success here in the United States, now valued to be more than nine billion dollars.

Aside from screen printing, embroidery is another way in which sports and other articles of clothing can be embellished upon. Like screen printing, embroidery (which is often considered to be a form of art) has a long history here in the United States and in many other corners of this earth as well. Embroidery even has a much longer history than that of screen printing and has been traced back to the year of around thirty thousand BC. It has remained a cherished art form ever since, but has many practical purposes as well. Embroidered t shirts and the like, such as monogram shirts, are very popular nowadays, and getting an embroidered monogram shirt is not hard to do, at least not here in the United States but most likely not in other parts of the world as well. But while some monogram shirts and other embroidery projects are likely to still be hand embroidered (particularly when embroidery is done primarily as a hobby and not as a profession or even necessarily with the intent to sell anything), industry and production methods have advanced quite a bit since that year of thirty thousand BC, when the practice of and the art of embroidery first came into being.

Back in the year of 1870, still more than one hundred years ago and very nearly one hundred and fifty years ago, the first hand powered embroidery looms came into being. In the years that have passed since, more efficient methods of embroidery have been developed and it can now be mass produced on any number of products. From monogram shirts to decorative blouses, embroidery plays an important role in the production of clothing all around the world, not just here in the United States.

From monogram shirts to screen printed t shirts, screen printing and embroidery have both been what you could call revolutionary in the production of clothes all throughout the world. They provide an easy way to add a little flair to clothing, or even to include important information such as charity donation information or advertising information. In fact, screen printed shirts as marketing tools have become very common throughout sports leagues, even children’s ones. On top of this all, screen printed and embroidered clothing is likely to be cheap, making them affordable to all.

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