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When we think of liners, the first thing to come to mind might be shower liners, cupcake tin liners or eyeliners. But water tank liners? Not everyone would think of these first. Yet, in many ways they are among the most important liners we could ever consider.

To start, what are water tank liners? And why are they important? A water tank is a system used to store water. Many water tanks are classified as “underground” storage tank systems. An underground storage tank is defined by the federal government as any system with at least 10% of the total volume underground.

Tank liners for water systems are important for two primary reasons, particularly as they relate to underground tanks. First, water tank liners are needed to maintain the integrity of the tank’s construction. For many years, over 150, actually, steel has been the main material used to construct the “tank” in the storage of water.

Soil conditions, maintenance, construction and installation are some factors which can damage an underground water tank. Even though an underground tank is designed to last (on the average) 20 or more years, these factors can lead to damage and corrosion.

Industrial tank liners, corrosion resistant tank lining and custom tank liners serve to protect the underground tank. The objective is to maintain the tank for as long as possible by protecting it with water tank liners.

The second reason that water storage tank liners are important relates to maintaining the purity and integrity of the water that is being held in the tank. A good lining will keep the water clean and ready to be used. Water for human consumption is highly, and very carefully, regulated. Linings and/or protective coatings are required in 100% of these storage tanks.

There are several choices of tank products. Basically two different types of water tank liners are available: fitted liners and flexible liners. A drum liner, for instance is a fitted piece resembling a bucket that is placed in the tank. Flexible liners are more pliant and are able to be used in tanks for many purposes.

Another great advantage to water tank liners is their use in preventing leaks from a water tank. This is especially useful for industrial and residential purposes, particularly when the tank is below grade. After all, who wants a watery basement? No one–especially if there are steps to take to prevent a leak from happening.

So the next time you’re out shopping and you see an aisle marker for “liners”, just remember that the market for water tank liners is a valuable one, helping to keep water fresh and clean for everyone to enjoy.

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