Tips for Maintaining Your Spray Foam Equipment

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Spray foam tools and equipment can work wonders on construction sites. Whether you are working with spray foam insulation products that you own or spray foam insulation rentals, there are some things you can to make them work better and more efficiently to let you get your work done on time. Keeping this kind of equipment working at its best does take some time and effort. Here are some professional tips to keep it running optimally.

  • Start by checking your generator every day. You need to make sure it has the right amount of both coolant and oil. Ideally, you should check these levels everytime you use the system. When you start the generator up, make sure you take the time to do it properly. You need to start it when there is no load attached to it. Most generators need at least five minutes to warm up, again there should be no load at this time. Before you turn it off, you need to cool the unit down. Just like the warm-up period, the cooling off time needs to be completed while nothing is loaded on.
  • Next, check the air compressor. Before you start up the proportioner, you need to get the electric air compressors going. Every day, you need to drain the receiver fuel tank. Overnight, moisture in the air will condense and will get into the receiver tank and that needs to be removed before the equipment is started. This is another piece of equipment that has oil. If it is a gas powered unit, make sure the oil and fuel levels are right before you start working with it. The filter bowls need to be checked and drained. Dryers need to be checked for moisture.
  • Next on the list is the transfer system. The dryer or dryers on the top of the drum need to be inspected for used desiccant. This may need to be replaced. If your unit has return valves, they need to be opened so that the pumps can move cycle material into and out of the system. This process needs to be repeated each day. If you are not familiar with the way the spray foam insulation rental runs, by performing this task every day, you can get to know what the machine sounds like when it is running properly opposed to when there are problems. If you listen to this process every day, you can deal with issues before they become a real problem.
  • Your proportioner strainers will need weekly cleaning. There are times when this can be pushed to every two weeks, depending on the unit and the work you are expecting it to do. If you use white lithium grease and apply it to the wye strainer cup, you will have an easier time when you need to repeat the process. You also need to make sure the lubricant is getting through the system correctly. Pay attention to how the lubricant looks. If you see that it has turned brown, you may have problems with the pump rod or upper packings. If you find issues with the pump, you need to make some time to check it and make repairs as needed.
  • The spray gun needs to be checked before you use it. Again, it matters little if you are working with spray foam insulation rental or your own equipment, you need to make sure the spray gun can be used safely. If you see that it creates a mist when the shut-off valve, that can be an indication of a leak someplace inside the gun apparatus. If you find you have a problem here, you need to fix it before it is used. The gun screens should be checked at least once a week. When they get clogged or dirty, they can create pressure that causes the material ratio to be thrown off. Every day, you also need to grease up the spray gun. Make sure you check the materials that came with the spray foam gun before you do anything with grease and your spray gun.

Whether you are using a spray foam insulation rental or your own, proper maintenance can make a huge difference in the outcome of a project.

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