How the Air Knife Blower Leads the Way in Industrial Blowers

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Every year, about 17% of Americans will get sick from eating contaminated foods. Today, we know that one of the best ways to prevent mildew and contamination of manufactured goods is with a non-contact industrial blower. However, not all systems are created equal. Here are a few things to consider as you look at various blower manufacturers.

The process of removing debris from manufactured products was first used in the textile and print industries in the 1950s, which used compressed air to remove unwanted materials. The industrial blower is today used after a product has been washed and is ready to be dried for packaging. Compressed air is still in use today, but buyer beware: compressed air may be commonly used across the manufacturing sector, but it is also expensive to produce, using up to 30% of a manufacturer’s total energy consumptionin a single day. Many manufacturers don’t even consider the cost of compressed air (some calling it a “free resource”) and unwittingly hurt their own bottom line. For that reason, operations should look into blower systems, particularly air knife blower systems, which are more economical and can cool and dry manufactured products while removing unwanted debris.

Air knife blower systems use a centrifugal fan to displace and change the direction of airflow, sending a single, continuous stream of cool air. A centrifugal air blower with a paddle impeller is particularly helpful, as debris is unable to clog the system. Because air knife blower systems can generate considerable pressure through a curved design, they will require less energy than a similar industrial blower. Air knife blower systems are hyper-efficient in other respects–rotating at about 19,000 rpm and able to operate for nearly 500,000 hours without maintenance.

Consulting with a manufacturer can help you decide whether a pressure blower or volume blower is a better investment for your conveyor operation. You invest a lot of time, energy, and resources into the creation of your product–choosing the right air knife blower systems can ensure that your goods are packaged in the best condition in order to be distributed to your customers.

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