Background Checks Are Increasingly Common Hiring Tools


Your youngest son graduated with his Master’s Degree in May and was hired for a Job soon after. And while your experience has always been that you start as soon as the hire occurs, on this particular job your son was able to pick his start date. Interestingly enough, all of the start dates are a month and a half out. Your son is excited to know that he has a job landed, but he is a little anxious about the fact that he will be waiting nearly two months for a paycheck. Always working, studying, or playing on an athletic team in the past, these next six weeks will serve as a significant down time for your son, some free time that will allow him to enjoy some sporting events, some time with family, and some relaxation that he is not necessarily accustomed to.

The reason for the delay between the hiring and the start date is a common requirement for jobs that work with government contractors: an employment verification background check.

A growing number of companies are including at least some form of an employment verification background check before they let their workers start. From daycares, school, and gymnastics academies where employees are working with young children to fast food restaurants where employers are dealing with the public, as well as large amounts of cash, an employment verification background check service scans past employment records and court records to see if a candidate is a good hire. Serving as only one source, these employment background screening services play a vital role in today’s job market, as well as the nation’s economy.

Some jobs require only a simple quick scan of court records, while others are a more extensive processes if a job involves working with companies that deal with classified information. From lengthy interviews with references and former employers to screening processes that track down many family members, more and more companies are relying on these details to make sure that they are hiring not only a qualified, but also a reliable, safe, and mentally balanced employee. A number of jobs today require a drug screening test.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the background check industry and the role that it plays in the nation’s work force:

  • 58% of Employers Have Found a Lie on a Resume, According to a CareerBuilder Survey.
  • 51% of employers indicate that they would automatically dismiss a candidate who they caught in a lie on a resume.
  • 40% of employers indicate that whether or not the dismiss a candidate who they caught in a lie on a resume would depend on what the candidate lied about.
  • As a test that can detect drug use over a 90 day period, a hair follicle drug test has one of the most dependable detection rates.
  • 9.5 million urine drug tests were positive in the U.S. workforce in the year 2015.
  • 50% of all drug tests are positive for marijuana, according to a survey from Quest Diagnostics.

Just landing a job through an interview process is not all that it takes to get a job today. In fact, a growing number of employees are requiring even their part time candidates to pass a drug test as well as other levels of background check screening.

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