Unique Uses for Storage Containers From Affordable Housing to Live-Work Spaces

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Cargo container office

You may have heard that there are unique uses for storage containers.Currently, there are approximately 17 million shipping containers located throughout the world. Since just six million of these are actively being used, this means that there are roughly 11 million available for a variety of purposes. These 40 foot shipping containers can be repurposed for housing, office spaces, work stations, and more.

Given recent weather disasters, many individuals, families, and businesses could benefit from purchasing new or used shipping containers. Since it only takes a few weeks to modify these containers, much-needed housing, offices, work spaces, and classrooms can be ready in less time than it takes to rebuild with traditional construction materials. Furthermore, these containers are also more cost-effective and don’t require a lot of maintenance.

When these steel containers are well-maintained, Container Auction reports that their lifespan can extend for 20 years. If you need storage space, for example, a standard container can provide enough space for the equivalent of 3,500 shoe boxes. If you opt for a 40 foot high cube, these can hold over 8,000 shoe boxes. This makes steel containers an excellent option for offices, work stations, and a variety of other purposes.

Cargo container modifications can be easily handled by experienced contractors that specialize in providing custom work. You can have doors, windows, and skylights made, each with their own locking mechanisms. These containers can also be modified to provide a controlled climate, which can be beneficial when they’re located in areas that experience seasonal weather patterns. Just a few of the other interior modifications that can be made include built-ins, such as shelving, pull-out tables, and other types of surfaces. In addition to exterior painting, which prolongs a container’s lifespan, interior painting is another service that can be provided.

Since you’re interested in learning more about the unique uses for storage containers, all you need to do is contact a representative. At that time, you will be able to learn even more about what else can be constructed using these containers. Whether you are purchasing them to develop into affordable housing, an office space, or for another purpose, remember to hire an experienced contractor than can provide you with custom modifications to create the space that you envision.

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