Showing You What’s to Love About Shipping Containers


Storage container innovation

You take a look at a steel cargo container and you don’t see much, right? You see the same thing that protects goods when they come across the ocean to our country, and there’s nothing interesting about that. But truthfully, it’s what’s under the surface that counts when it comes to shipping containers and their many uses. Storage containers aren’t just used for traveling goods anymore – they’re a staple in offices, and a money-saver at that. Let’s look at the many ways that we can use storage containers and what we love most about them.

In the Workplace

Believe it or not, storage containers are becoming a necessity in many workplaces. Did you know that employees switch their focus on a variety of projects every single day in the workplace? Every 10.5 minutes they go from one thing to the next, according to research. And, within those 10 minutes, they can be interrupted tons of times – which is why they need a peace and quiet space they can call all their own. Each individual workstation that you find in many offices across the U.S. has shrunk from 80 square feet down to 39, and that’s a problem for the worker who loves to have their space. This is why we want you to feel relaxed in the workplace, which requires you to have a station you can call all your own. A portable office is a necessity for specialty projects on-the-job, and storage containers can help you achieve this.

Helping Our Environment

If you’re all about making a difference in the environment, a steel cargo container office can change the way you view your workplace in a ‘green’ way, too! We reuse about 3,500 KG of steel every time we recycle a shipping container. You also save on all the traditional building materials that you no longer need to use. Shipping containers are even being used as homes for people, believe it or not, because of how cost-saving it is and the space you save as well. About 11 million storage containers are sitting and waiting to be converted into homes today.

You have an awesome option for your home, workspace, and more – the options are out there with shipping containers. Consider one for your next project and change the way you see space!

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