How To Select The Architectural Stone That Is Right For Your Home

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Consider the style and age of your neighborhood first, and then your home’s style and age, when selecting an architectural stone. Matching the age and style of your neighborhood while including a few unique, yet contemporaneous elements will ensure that your investment increases your home’s overall curb appeal and value. Keep in mind that while you may have a whimsical vision in mind, what you choose could affect a future attempt to sell your home.

Outdoor Stone Use

Backyard stone tiles, river stone, and pea gravel provide the most artistic leeway. Combining various types and colors of stone and placing them in patterns to create patios and walkways and define outdoor rooms allows you the greatest freedom of expression. Accordingly, spend time photographing, sketching, and brainstorming the various features of your yard until the results satisfy your vision.

Indoor Stone Considerations

When you consider counter slabs for sale, granite, and marble natural stone generate a sound investment. Although you may love the look of tile, full slabs create a seamless countertop, reducing cracks where food, mold, and bacteria can grow. Avoid using natural stone split face tile as a backsplash or behind your stove, also, since keeping it clean poses numerous problems.

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Architectural stone has become more and more popular in recent years, particularly for commercial buildings like hotels. But architectural stone can be beautiful in almost any setting, and natural stone slabs considered to be architectural stone can be used in private homes and residences as well. In fact, architectural stone has been popular nearly as long as there have been people to begin with, and it can be dated back thousands of years to early Egyptian as well as Mesopotamian cultures, where architectural stone like marble was used in architecture, art, and for design purposes.

And it’s easy to see why architectural stone like marble has been such a popular choice for so long. When it is properly cared for, it can last for up to one hundred years, a whole century, if not longer. Marble countertops can be similarly long lasting, considered to be able to last an entire lifetime, or at least as long as the house or building is standing. In fact, over 90% of those choosing to renovate their homes are using natural stone materials in the process and natural stone is often recommended by professionals. Marble slabs for sale are often ideal for private residences but marble on a grander scale, as well as other architectural stone and tile is commonly found in places like the lobbies of hotels. Natural stone is particularly well suited to a hotel, as it makes an amazing and grand first impression. After all, the lobby is typically the area of the hotel that most of the hotel’s patrons see first, and it helps to form their first impression of the hotel at large. The presence of natural stone can help that first impression be an overwhelmingly positive one, something that can only help the hotel. As natural stone is environmentally friendly, it appeals to guests on more than one level, as now more than 80% of travelers and hotel patrons like to stay at hotels that are conscious of their environmental footprint.

No matter what type of natural stone that you use, from marble slabs to ceramic slabs, it is important to enlist the help of a professional to install them. After all, architectural and natural stone can last an incredibly long time, up to a whole century, when they are handled well and cared for regularly.

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