Shipping Industrial Machinery Takes Specialized Knowledge and Experience

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Industrial machinery is built tough to perform all kinds of functions, from making machine parts to processing chemicals and food. Despite its size and ruggedness, it needs special care when being shipped from one location to another. Industrial machinery transport requires professional knowledge of care in rigging, hoisting, trailering, and hauling on the road.

Shipping industrial machinery takes professional knowledge
Industrial machinery transport needs special care and handling. It?s one of the most valuable commodities in the U.S. freight transportation system, along with electronics and motorized vehicles. Industrial machinery is tough, but it?s not built for the road. Transporting machinery and oversized freight takes professional knowledge and experience. There is no standard size or even shape when it comes to speciality freight.
Equipment and materials like compressors, generators, grinders, mining equipment, piping, structural steel, turbines and more need careful handling. Loads can be anywhere from LTL or less than truckload or around 5,000 lbs to 2,000,000 lbs. Professionals in industrial machinery transport understand how to load balancing to lift points, using straps and traps to secure the load. They can handle all aspects of door to door delivery, including safety and risk analysis.

Industrial machinery parts replenishment through LTL shipments
Once it reaches the final destination, the industrial equipment gets to work. But that?s not the end of the need for shipping services. Parts like molds, milling plates and other consumables regularly wear out and need replacements. Industrial machinery transport services have the solution, with less than truckload services that can ship a single crate and deliver it safe and on on time.
The LTL sector of the transportation industry is growing, and is now worth an estimated $35 million. Sometimes parts have to be moved via expedited air freight services, to prevent delays and loss of productivity. With over 12 million vehicles in the transportation network, including trucks, rail cars, vessels and locomotives, shipments ranging in size from a single crate to multiple truckloads can be moved to their final destination.

Specialty freight companies can handle all aspects of industrial machinery transport, from risk analysis to delivery to parts replenishment. Whether the shipment is a single crate or multiple trucks that must be unloaded by cranes, they can handle all the complicated logistics of delivering the machinery safely and on time.

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