Three Reasons to Try a Temp Agency

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Increasingly, job seekers in America are using temp agencies to find employment opportunities. Should you be utilizing a recruiting agency of some kind for your job search? Probably, and here?s why:

Temp Jobs Can Turn into Permanent Jobs

More and more companies want to ?try before they buy? these days. It gives the employer flexibility to change with market demands or economic realities; more importantly, it gives them a chance to try out an employee before making a long term commitment.

Of course, a lot of job seekers are looking for employment opportunities that provide security and benefits. But the best way to get that might be to start with a temporary position.

For one thing, a temporary position fills in the gap and helps pay bills. More importantly, it provides experience, pads your resume, and may even give you some extra skills that make you stand out to employers.

Beyond that, many companies will hire permanently those temps that they really like. That gives you the chance to show off the kinds of skills that never show up on resumes: tenacity, reliability, flexibility, or diligence.

Most employers will turn to job placement agencies as they look to fill temp jobs within their ranks, so consider looking for employment opportunities there.

Staffing Agencies Have the Inside Track

Unlike you, the agency specializes in knowing who is hiring and for what. They can analyze your abilities and passions and help match you with a job that will really be suitable for you.

And, let?s face it, they just have more jobs for you to choose from. They tend to have lots of jobs on their books and may even be able to suggest jobs for you that you would never have thought of on your own.

And, unlike individual companies you might apply to, temporary employment agencies won?t forget you. Your info will stay on record and come up in their searches as they look to fill employment opportunities that come their way.

They Can Help You With Resume and Interviewing

Lots of otherwise smart, capable people lose out on jobs simply because their resume isn?t attractive, or because their inability to interview well hid their real potential from employers.

Any good recruiting agency can help you polish your resume so that your skills and experience stand out. They can also give you advice regarding your interview skills and help you hone them till you make the best impression.

You might not have thought about looking for employment opportunities with a staffing agency, but doing so might just open up a whole horizon of possibilities you didn?t know were there!

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