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One of the most hated aspects of life for many people in the United States is the idea of getting sick. Yes, the dreaded cold or even worse the awful flu are some of the most hated illnesses that people have to deal with. Now, obviously these two illnesses are not as dangerous as fatal diseases but they can prove to be a serious problem for most Americans.

If you come down with a cold then you will be stuck in your house all day which can prove to be an issue for many people. This is because most people need to work to make money and if you are sick then you cannot work which means you cannot make money. Even worse for some people, however, is the fact that most people will have to stay indoors inside of their home without leaving and that is something can drive most people insane.

If you use commercial cleaning products then you will definitely be able to do your best to stay away from these types of colds and illnesses. These commercial cleaner products are a designer to specifically keep germs and dangerous bacteria away from you by cleaning surfaces that you touch. HEre is what you need to know about using commercial cleaning products.

Right now, people in the United States will spend just about 1,896 hours per year at work. This is both good and bad because as mentioned before, people want to work so they can make money. However, it can also be bad because many places that people work within are unclean and can end up getting someone sick because they contain too many germs and bacteria.

Right now, the average keyboard, chair, and computer mouse will contain over 20,000 germs per square inch and the average desk will be home to over 10 million bacteria. For some people, this is going to be a surprise to think that when they sit at their desk they are essentially surrounded by an army of germs and bacteria. This is why it is important to use the commercial cleaner on your surrounding work area if your job does not have people clean it for you already.

Over 50% of all American workers will eat a snack or lunch at their desk, yet the typical desk has 100 times more germs than the average kitchen table. Think about that for a moment. The place that most people will sit and work at for eight hours a day or more, is filled with disgusting germs and bacteria that can get them sick.

Using commercial cleaner products can help you avoid getting sick and can help you avoid serious illnesses. You will want to use commercial cleaner products not just in your own home but clearly also in your place of work as well. Dust particles are made up of 70% dead skin flakes, so make sure you use commercial cleaner products to clean up your work area.

Just about 10% of all of the cleaning revenue is earned by companies that specialize in carpet and upholstery. Office phones will have an average of 25,000 germs per square inch. In a closed space, the quality of air can be just about 500% worse than outdoor air. These are all reasons that point directly to why it is important to utilize commercial cleaner products to combat dangerous bacteria and germs.

Whenever a worker disinfects their desk on a frequent basis they are liable to reduce their sick days in the office by nearly 30%. On average, the normal office worker will have to deal with over 10 million bacteria near their hands each day. Make sure that when you use an antibacterial commercial cleaner that it has been left on the surface for a minute at the max before you wipe it away, that way it is the most effective it can be.

In Conclusion

Dirty carpets are gross. Make sure your workplace has office cleaning on the regular so you can avoid any gross germs that can get you sick.

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