Are You Looking for a New Answering Service at Your Office?

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Have you ever wanted to be two places at once?
Have you ever wanted to be able to spend more time with a patience, but know that you need to get back to the web development work?
When was the last time that you were able to complete the tasks that were on your schedule without being interrupted with a phone call. Having to stop what you are doing to take customer phone calls is a Catch-22. You need to talk to your customers so that you can build a relationship with them and you have to be able to take calls from potential new clients, but it is important to make sure that you complete the work that needs to be done everyday. And while no one wants to have customers leave a message on a recording machine, office answering services are often the solution. With an office answering service staff that understands your business, for instance, customers can get the personal attention they need while you continue working.
Both large and small businesses face the same problem when it comes to handling customer correspondence. Although company owners want to establish and continue their relationships with their customers, they also want to make sure that they are able to meet all of the deadlines that they have set. Consider some of these facts and figures about business answering services:

  • Medical answering services can help answer patient questions and schedule necessary appointments.
  • Approximately 91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7. This means that it is very easy and convenient for customers to call your office. If you are not able to answer, do you have a business answering service in place that will?
  • You know how the right response can help diffuse a customer complaint, so it is important to make sure that you provide your answering service with the right scripts and the right information.

  • In using a live answering service, you can be certain that your customers are seldom put on hold.

  • Heavily scripted calls may not be the best approach, so it is important to provide an outline and several variations that a represent can use. Robotic sounding answering services who do little more that stick to a script eliminate two elements essential to the customer service experience: emotion and empathy.
  • Estimates indicate that 80% of consumers prefer to contact customer service representatives over the phone. They also want to talk to a person instead of struggling their way through a series of automated questions and push button responses.
  • Letting a customer wait on hold is a bad business practice.
  • People dislike being put on hold so much that as many as 75% of customers indicate that they would prefer the option to be called back rather than wait on the line.

  • Your office answering service can provide a personal solution to the majority of calls that they receive.
  • One of the worst results of bad customer service is losing a customer all together. Unfortunately, U.S. brands lose nearly $41 billion a year because of poor customer service.
  • Unless you make a commitment to making sure that your customer calls are quickly and knowledgeably answered, you may be putting your business at risk.

Whether you are looking for 24 hour answering service or you are looking for someone to handle the calls during your work day, office answering services offer a number of options. From scripted responses, for instance, an answering service can help your customers reach a quick resolution to any problems that they may have.
For customers who are looking for answers about a problem, hearing MAY I HELP YOU is a far better way for a conversation to start than listening to a long list of automated prompts.

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