Three Ways to Minimize Workplace Fires


Fire sprinkler repair

Fire is one of the most dangerous hazards a building can face. Every business owner wants to ensure their employees are kept safe. Following a few simple tips will greatly reduce the chance of an office fire at your business. The National Fire Protection Association found that buildings with complete and working sprinkler system have never reported fire deaths involving over two people. In this post, you will learn three ways to minimize the chances of a fire started at your workplace.

  • Not Having Proper Smoking Facilities: Some businesses no longer allow smoking in their workplace. However, a business that does allow smoking must be mindful of fire prevention techniques. It is a wise idea to have fire sprinkler services show up to inspect current equipment. A fire sprinkler inspection will ensure that any issues are found and fixed. Businesses allowing smoking will want to ensure proper areas are created for these employees. You will want to have special trash cans that allow for cigarette butts to be put out properly.
  • Improperly Installed Electrical Equipment: You will want to ensure your electrical equipment is up to date. Over time, equipment can become worn down. In some cases, worn electrical equipment can easily be a cause of a destructive fire. It is recommended to call a fire sprinkler inspection service to ensure all sprinkler systems are up to date. One study found that 15 deaths occur in the hotel industry due to fires. A fire sprinkler maintenance service will ensure your business stays safe.
  • Not Placing Required Safety Materials on Display: Workers that are unaware of safety protocols are at great risk of accidentally starting an office fire. You should always have safety materials in plain view for all employees to see. In the event an accident happens, they will know right away what needs to be done.
  • There certainly are a few ways that fire hazards can strike within a building. A fire sprinkler maintenance service will help ensure your office is safe from fires. One study found that automatic sprinklers in buildings can reduce injuries and death by 50 percent. Following the previously mentioned safety tips, it will help ensure your office stays safe from fires.

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