The Piece of Luggage That Separates Veteran Travelers from Rookies

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If you have to travel for business or even if you travel regularly for pleasure, you probably have your routine down to a science. You probably have your luggage packing system, your preferred airline and seats, and every other sundry bit of your travel details taken of care of to the smallest detail. When it comes to hotels, many people are concerned with the star ratings, the concierge service, or the amenities, but what many people might not spend enough time on is their travel safety, this can be ensuring that they have travelers insurance and the right emergency contacts in place as well as have a frank assessment of their traveling conditions. Many assume that these precautions should only be taken when traveling internationally or dangerous ares, but the truth is that an emergency or accident can occur in the most pristine venue or the most sketchy, when happenstance comes calling it does not discern environment. Below you will find several tips to ensure that your travels are a bit a safer and if the unexpected happens you’ll be prepared to handle it.

Packing for Unknown Occurrences or Short Term Emergencies

If you were ever in any type of scouting group, you probably remember the motto, be prepared. This still applies as an adult and doubly, when you are leaving the home. We all probably have a standard travel kit, with a toothbrush, soap, deodorant and other toiletries, but have you thought about the other type of travel it? Even the most seasoned traveler tends to forget an emergency bag. An important part of being prepared for emergencies is to have a standard kit that has the essentials for any general emergency. While the size of this kit varies deepening on location and the length of your stay, it is important to always have a small first aid kit, food and water. Even if there is a common emergency, such as the fire alarm systems in hotel going off, you will want to have small bag of these essential close and at the ready in case there may be trouble. More information about emergency kits can be found from your local Red Cross chapter.

Determining Fire Alarm Installations and up to date Fire Alarm Inspections

One of the most overlooked aspect of hotel stays are the integrity of the fire alarm installations. Many people automatically assume that larger hotels and motels have expert fire alarm installations and regular inspections. While many times this may be true, it is still important to verify this. Each year about 15 Americans die and about 150 are injured in hotel fires. Many times these fires are directly related to poor quality fire alarm installations and the lack of regular maintenance and inspection. Don’t open up the possibility of a having to deal with an easily preventable fire. Before booking into your hotel do a visual check of the fire alarms and suppression systems. Also ask to see the most recent inspection long. While it might seem like added work, any reputable hotel should be able to produce them, gladly. y just investing a little bit more time in your travel plans you can at least help mitigate easily preventable circumstances.

Have Your Emergency Contacts in Place Before Traveling

Whether you traveling to the Andes or just going a state away, the number one rule of travel is to always inform someone where you are going and when you plan on returning. This simple method has saved many people in various situations throughout time and the omission of which has led people to undue pain. Simply put, if nobody knows where you are no one will know where to look in the event of bad occurrence. Even if the occurrence is as minor as spraining your foot or as major as having a heart attack, it is important to always carry a list of emergency contacts about your person.

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