The Benefits of Hiring a 24 Hour Live Answering Service

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Many businesses have found that there are tremendous advantages to engaging the assistance of a 24 hour live answering service. An after hours phone answering service is a benefit for any business interested in keeping their customers happy, as well as providing easy to attain information for potential new customers.

The difference between a customer reaching a business’s voicemail or a live operator could make or break a sale. The fact is that about 80% of people will hang up if they reach a company’s voicemail as opposed to reaching a live person when they need information. Just because the doors have closed for the day does not have to mean that business has to stop. Customers and clients love to know that they can make their call at any hour of the day and speak to a live operator. Medical answering services have been providing 24 hour live answering service for patients for years. No one ever said this courtesy had to be restricted to the medical profession!

Because 80% of customers to most businesses find it more convenient to speak to a service rep by phone, implementing a 24 hour live answering service for those off hours is a great way to not only keep customers, but also to increase business. Often times customers will make phone inquiries before choosing the business or service they want to work with. A company whose lines are answered by someone with whom they can converse, no matter what time it is, will usually be the one that gets the new customer. Another important point in favor of a professional answering service is that, when a customer needs to contact a call center, it is because they have a problem or concern that they need resolved as quickly as possible. The fact that it will probably be dealt with more quickly when the call is answered by a 24 hour live answering service is a no brainer.

No business wants to hear that a customer was lost to them because they did not want to leave a message on a voicemail. Especially when the situation boarders on an emergency or is time sensitive for any reason! Having to follow through a multi-level process just to leave a message is something that most callers find to be a source of anxiety. Hearing a live person on the other end of the line will begin to immediately alleviate any stress the customer is feeling. Being able to explain the problem or ask the question and get a real-time response speaks volumes about the company’s credibility in the eyes of the caller.

An answering service can do more these days then just take messages. When a business hires a 24 hour live answering service, the operators are informed and trained to handle certain issues that could arise when a customer or client calls. Operators will be able to answer questions as well as help with requests for information. The service provides after hours operators to answer calls so that clients know that they can always reach someone. Trained operators will be taught enough about the business to be able to help with minor service problems, and they will still take messages and make sure they reach the appropriate department or person. In addition to all of this, and more, trained telephone personnel will be able to schedule appointments so that customers will not have to call back during working hours when they might not be available to call.

Hiring a 24 hour live answering service is also more cost effective than having to pay someone to answer phones between the hours of nine and five. For less than what an employee would cost, a business answering service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even during a blizzard or hurricane, as long as power holds out! A company owner or manager does not have to worry about workers out sick or on vacation, the phones will be answered and customers will be assisted regardless.

The job of phone answering services is to make their client companies look good, and they train their operators to carry through with that promise.

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