A Few Important Questions to Ask Before You Build a Shed

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Adding a well thought out garden shed design to your backyard area is a great way to add storage and usable space without disrupting the beauty and attractiveness of the garden area. There are many options to choose from for sheds but one of the most common is a basic 10 ft by 10 ft design.

It is usually quite easy to find 10 by 10 sheds for sale online or in local stores and garden centers as it is a very common size. With a 10 foot tall shed, you will have space to store ladders and other items and to keep your garden tools and supplies protected from the elements. This is one of the leading reasons why the 10 ft storage shed is so common.

Finding a 10 x 10 pre-built shed should not pose any problems and there are many styles to choose from as well. So, find the shed that fits your decor style and that can give you the accessible storage space you want and need.

Whether you’re buying a prefab shed or building one yourself, it’s important to have all of the necessary information you need before you begin. For some, that might be zoning laws and licensing fees, but for others, it might entail shed permits specifically.
Before you begin any construction project, it’s important to get the details down. To help you along your shed building journey, here are a few important questions you need to be asking.
Do I Need a Shed Permit?
While a simple “yes” or “no” answer would be nice, it’s unfortunately not the case. Permit laws vary from state to state, county to county, and in some cases, even town to town. Before you begin applying for a permit, you need to make sure that it’s a necessity for your project to begin. the best course of action is to visit your city or county’s local government website and look up information about permits.
Why is Research Important?
If you don’t know the proper building codes and zoning laws, you could be breaking some rules and actually facing some pretty serious fines. This can get especially expensive if you need to pour a concrete foundation. If you’re breaking some form of law in your county or city, then you could be fined and forced to start all over again, this time complying with the proper permit laws.
What Kind of Information Goes on a Building Permit?
If you do need a permit, then the first thing you’ll put on your application is all of your contact information. In addition, the site plan, square footage, and estimated valuation are also important pieces of information to know.
Can I Get Help Applying for a Permit?
Fortunately, yes. Permit expediting services are extremely useful, especially if the permit laws in your city or county are complicated. With permit expediters, you won’t have to worry about any of the minor details, as they’ll be taken care of for you. In fact, most permit expediting companies will even keep track of your application and update you regularly until it’s approved.
No matter the project, make sure you have all the information you need before starting. References. More on this.

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