5 Fantastic Uses for Steel Shipping Containers


Shipping container swimming pool

Are you a homeowner that is looking to go green in your DIY projects? Then consider using steel cargo containers, as the majority of these are recycled and can be used for plenty of different purposes. Not only are they long-lasting, they are sturdy, and give you a great bang for your buck.

Need some inspiration? Here are some great ways to implement 40 foot shipping containers for uses are your home.

1. Portable office

Are you sick of paying rent for an expensive office space downtown? Portable office containers are the best solution to having your own office in your backyard. You can have your own space with a mobile office and customize it exactly the way you would like, and can have a private area to meet with your clients. Plus, portable offices are exactly that, portable! No matter where you move or if you have to move it around your property, you will be able to without any problems.

2. Create a barn

Wooden barns can be expensive to make and upkeep, especially if it has water damage. The steel crates are also fire proof so your livestock and crops will be safe, along with windproof making it a fantastic option for those who live in an area with tornadoes.

3. A shed

The same goes for a barn as it does a shed, steel storage containers are much more easier to acquire and move around. Keep the wildlife out of your personal belongings with the hefty-ness of steel.

4. Build a whole house

Make a statement and build a home made out of shipping containers! Not only will it look different, you will be unique and stand out in your neighborhood. This is especially a good idea for those who live near the beach as the steel will be resistant against potentially eroding salt.

5. A pop up shop

Looking to sell your goods on the streets and require the need to be mobile? These steel containers are great for mobile businesses such as food trucks and cafes. You can even customize your container with sliding doors and add a counter depending on the look you are going for!

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