The Growing Craft Beer Industry


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The craft beer industry is gaining popularity with even more pubs and beer tasting venues sprouting up throughout the United States. Craft beer lovers also have the opportunity to visit local breweries and sample what’s on tap. Many cafes and bistros are now offering several choices of craft beer along with their other beverages.

The Growth of the Craft Beer Industry

Interesting to note is that the United States is now in second place for worldwide beer production. In 2015, for example, there were almost 25 million barrels of beer sold by craft brewers. This growth is represented by 12.2% in increased volume and 21% in increased dollar shares. Furthermore, the craft brewing industry also provides jobs for approximately 424,000 employees.

A Growing Number of Homebrewers

There are even more people learning how to brew their own beer. In the United States, there are approximately 1.2 million homebrewers, and it’s likely this number will expand even further. It’s been estimated that these homebrewers produce more than two million barrels of beer on a yearly basis.

Craft Beer and Carbonation Specifications

The Brewer Association Technical Committee has provided new industry-wide guidelines regarding CO2-rich beer blends. Previously, the default dispense gas blend was set at 60%; however, it has been raised 10% to 70% in order to brew a richer blend.

When CO2 is used as the only gas blend, extensive market research has determined that levels of 70% maintain carbonation specifications. For those craft beer brewers that produce higher carbonated beers, this will enable them to keep all of those craft beer lovers coming back for more.

Magnetic Drive Pump Troubleshooting

One of the integral pieces of machinery for craft brewing is the magnetic drive pump. Whether this beer brewing pump is used at home or at a major craft beer brewer, there are times when magnetic drive pump troubleshooting may be necessary.

Magnetic drive pump manufacturers are there to assist with the troubleshooting process. Furthermore, they will also have other beer pump accessories available when replacements are needed. When a craft or home brewer wants to expand operations and increase production of their produce, additional magnetic drive pumps can be purchased.

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