I Need To Replace My Exhaust Fans What Are My Options?

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Looking to replace those fantech exhaust fans? You’ve made the right choice. Centrifgual fans and air blowers are only at their best when they’re working to their maximum efficiency. Even a mediocre commercial fan can fail to properly circulate air and put a building at risk for dusty air, mold and even a higher risk of fire. Everywhere from restaurants to commercial buildings and schools need to keep their fans working at tip-top shape all days of the year to encourage more consistent health and wellness in the population. Below is a simple look at the different types of fans you can install and use at any given time.

What Are Commercial Fans Used For?

Everywhere you go there’s a fantech exhaust fans and air blowers hard at work cleaning the air. Restaurants rely on the constant effort of fan technology to clear up the air and reduce the risk of fires, the latter of which can easily occur from a build-up of smoke and small, combustible particles. Hospitals fans are necessary to keep the air clean of bacteria and easily spreadable illness due to the fragile nature of the building. The most popular type of fan used in hospital environments is the laminar fan, prime for keeping air circulated at nearly 300 times per hour. It’s not enough to simply know which fan to use, but whether or not they can even be installed in your building of choice.

How Are Fans Installed?

Thanks to rapidly advancing technology there’s a commercial fan available for nearly every building, occupation and space. Bathrooms always require a working fan and if you notice yours isn’t functioning to the fullest of its capacity you need to get it replaced as soon as possible — a bathroom with a ceiling height of over eight feet tall may need additional venting alongside a newly installed exhaust fan.

How Can I Reduce Noise?

Despite the varied nature of commercial fans, one of the most common downsides is excess noise. This has led many companies to rate their fantech exhaust fans by noise ratings to help buyers assess which one suits their needs best. The amount of noise a bathroom exhaust fan can make will be recorded by its sone rating, which can range four (extremely loud on the sone rating) to less than 0.5 (barely audible).

Which Fans Do I Need?

The first step toward a cleaner building is narrowing down which type of fan you need. Hospitals and clinics do better with laminar fan models, while utility fans are roof-mounted and ideal for regulating high-static pressure losses. A ventilation system that recirculates air generally needs a minimum efficiency reporting value (or MERV) rating of 17 or higher. These can be used in lieu of exhausting the air from any given spaces to the outside, which isn’t an option for smaller businesses and residences.

Where Do I Get Started?

If you’ve noticed your fans aren’t operating at peak efficiency, you may need to call a professional to install new fantech exhaust fans. A lack of proper ventilation can put your client base or residents at a higher risk for illness and even reduce general safety should smoke build up at any given point and time. A professional can assess the unique need of your business and building at large, from the size to general measurements of the most frequented spaces, to provide you with the best type of fan models. Demand ventilation controls generally reduce the cost of operating exhaust systems by anywhere, to boot, and can see your expenses lowered by as much as 50%. Consider penciling a new installation on your to-do list and start raking in the results almost overnight.

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