3 Ways to Use Texting for Better Internal Business

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Employee communications are the key to any good company, no matter how large or small. And yet the way we approach mass communication systems at work is vastly different than how we tend to communicate outside of the office.

Many of us wouldn’t think twice about sending a mass text to our group of friends in order to make dinner plans, tell a joke, or share important news. It’s often regarded as the fastest way to reach people, and research shows that 90% of texts are read within three minutes. Why wouldn’t you want to have that same dependability and instant with your employees and coworkers?

An internal text notification system can make a company stronger, more efficient, and more integrated. Here are three different way to use texting to boost your office communications:

  • Set up an emergency alert system. Whether an accident occurs during on- or off-hours, it’s important to notify employees as soon as possible via a text message alert. You can let them know whether the premises are secure, whether there are emergency closings due to weather conditions, or anything else important to worker safety, any time of day — even when email is unavailable.
  • Set meeting reminders. Coordinating large meetings between multiple parties is never easy, but you can make it a little bit easier by setting a text message alert for everyone involved. Even if they’re away from their computer, they’ll get the reminder and (hopefully) get to the meeting on time.
  • Send out links. Smartphones make it simple to embed links within text message alerts, so that you can easily direct employees to an online survey, job posting, or other important online material. A text message instead of an email helps assure people that their information remains confidential.

If you haven’t put texting into the workforce yet, it’s high time you do. With the ease, convenience, and familiarity of text communications literally at your fingertips, why waste your valuable company time with anything else? Make communications better — and your company stronger — with an internal communications system that will really get the message across.

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