Benefits of Having a School Marquee Outside Your High School

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Are you looking for a better way to communicate with the parents of your students? It can be really hard trying to get through to the kids in order to talk to the parents. Even if the news you want the parents to get is not bad news, kids forget, they lose papers, they miscommunication, misunderstand and sometimes, consciously decide to forego handing over the info. School marquees are the answer to your dilemma. Having outdoor school signs will allow parents to see snippets of information that they need to know so that they can ask for more information. If you have school marquee signs outside your establishment, the parents will see them as they drop off their kids for and pick them up from school. Here are some added benefits to having a school marquee sign.

It will save you time and money.
Typically, in order to get out announcements and information to parents, you have to send out letters or make phone calls as well as update the website. Updating the website isn’t that big of a deal but you still have to let parents know that they need to check the website. It takes a lot of times to write out letters, put them in envelopes and hand them out to all the students or mail them individually. Making phone calls to each parents takes even longer. You have to pay someone to do all of that as well. If you have a school LED signs set up outside, all you have to do is log on to the computer, open the program, change the message and voila- all done. In less than five minutes you have gotten the word out to almost every parent and passer by.

It will boost school spirit.
There are many events that are open to the public such as sports games and theater productions and musical concerts. However, not a lot of the community come out to them because they simply don’t know that they’re going on. Unless you have a kid in the school, you probably aren’t going to show up or even look to see if anything is going on. However, if you put up the event dates and times on the school marquee, you’ll be bound to get a lot more of the community showing up to support the students. Research shows that when there is a bigger crowd, kids might get nervous but they will be a lot more encouraged to keep trying out for things if it really seems like people are enjoying them.

It will reduce fights between parents and students.
As teachers, you should be an advocate for a healthy home environment. This means not causing more fights between teens and their parents than is necessary. If a kid doesn’t bring home a letter on time or forgets to relay information, the parent will be upset at the child. However, having the information up on a marquee relieves the child from the added responsibility of information the parents. The duty of getting more info is placed squarely on the shoulder of the parents and there is no questioning that. It’s a great way to make sure that everyone stays civil and stays on top of their own responsibilities. Teenagers have a lot to keep track of just with their schooling, grades and extra curricular activities. There’s no sense is adding more stress to their plate.

Anyone can take care of it.
One of the best things about having a marquee sign up outside the school is that there doesn’t have to be a designated person that runs it. It would take literally, two minutes to show someone how to change the sign from the computer. Then, if you need a message displayed, you can shoot off an email or a text to any of the people that are trained to go and do it. There doesn’t have to be any special courses or training classes in order for people to understand how the messages are displayed.

There are plenty of other reasons why a marquee would be a good idea. It keeps the school updated, it has a good warranty and works all year round are just a few more.

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