How to Make the Most of a Trade Show

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Custom exhibits booth designs

Keeping your booth looking great is only the first part of an exhibit trade show. The whole point is to get your business out there and what your exhibit booth design says is going to be your first impression. Having custom exhibits is great but you have to make sure that you are putting across what you want people to know about your business. They need to get a feel for you just by glancing over at the booth. Here are some ideas about putting your brand out there during a trade show.

The Workers
The people that you have standing at the booth make all the difference. They can either make or break your presence at the show. If you want to have an interactive exhibit design then you are going to need to have charismatic people working the booth. It’s imperative that they are happy, likable and approachable, otherwise there is no point to the booth, no matter how great the exhibit booth design is. The people there should also be attractive and pertinent to your product. If you are advertising a hair salon, the workers hair needs to be fancy and done up. They are a walking advertisement for their booth. How would you feel if you saw a booth offering cleaning services but their desk and workers were in complete disarray? You wouldn’t feel confident hiring them, that’s for sure.

The Design
How the exhibit booth design is arranged is important as well. It should be easy to look at and pleasing to the eye. An overwhelming exhibit booth design can discourage people from coming over to find out more about the business. You should allow just enough information to catch people’s eye but not enough to tell them everything they need to know. A strong design will raise questions in people’s minds that they must have answered. Trade show booth designs are all about presentation. How you present yourself and your business is so important.

The Giveaways
Giveaways? You might ask. Yes, the giveaways; party bags, take home gifts, prizes; whatever you call them, you need to have them. Every booth will have something for people to take home. It’s such an obvious marketing technique. Pens, stress balls, notepads, picture frames, samples; people will be taking home all kinds of things so you want to make sure that your giveaway stands out. It will say a lot about you. For example, your giveaway could tell a potential client that you are cheap and not willing to work with them. Or it could tell them that you are willing to spend time and money to do what they want.

The Attire
What your booth workers wear is important as well. If your product or service has nothing to do with attire, then consider having matching t-shirts made that state the brand. This way, you can make sure that everyone is professional and uniform as well as having another way to advertise your brand. You could also use the worker’s attire to showcase your business. For example, a computer fixing business could have all kinds of faux hardware and tools attached to their wearer. This might cause people to wonder why they are dressed like that and they will approach to find out what it’s all about.

The Attitude
Your workers could look as fun as possible, the design could be impeccable and the giveaways well thought out, but if your people have bad attitudes, none of it will matter. Choose only people who you know will properly represent you. It doesn’t matter what your business is, customer service should always come first. Your workers may complain that they normally don’t have to deal with people in their regular work day. Remind them that this isn’t a regular work day- customers are the backbone of every company and they need to act like the life of the company and their very guarantee of a job depends on their ability to be friendly.

If you can get all of these things in line, you will be in for a very successful day at the show! Make sure to be prepared before going in, while you are there and after you leave.

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