Who Benefits When You Hire a Green Cleaning Service?


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When you are looking for a cleaning service for your home, office, school, or other types of building, you should consider the type of products these professionals use. For the sake of the environment, the physical structure, and the people occupying the building, you should consider hiring a green cleaning company. Here?s why:

  1. Environment

    Some of the chemicals used in non-green residential and commercial cleaning products are highly toxic to the environment. The primary issue is that these cleaning agents are not being disposed of properly. For instance, empty bottles are tossed in regular trash receptacles and the chemicals inside them are washed down drains only to be collected within our water supply. As a result, our water and trash disposal sites are becoming contaminated.
  2. Humans

    There are currently 17,000 petrochemicals available for home use; however, only 30% have been tested for safe exposure to humans and the environment. Green products keep everyone safe from harmful and hazardous toxins that exist in non-green products. People affected include cleaning service professionals, residents, employees, garbage removal workers, and anyone else who comes in and out of a building regularly. Most people are unaware of how the chemicals and toxins are affecting their body. In reality, over time, these poisons eat away at the body?s natural systems and cause them to break down, leaving us vulnerable to illness and other ailments.
  3. Buildings

    Chemical-based products can cause indoor air pollution levels to be 100 times higher than outdoor pollution levels. Do you really want to live or work in an environment like that? Additionally, Some chemicals actually eat away at carpet, plaster, and other parts of a building, thus compromising the building?s structural integrity all the way down to the foundation. Even the fumes from these chemicals can infiltrate the walls and floors, slowly causing them to deteriorate. Green products don?t have this effect. They do one thing and one thing only: clean. Because why bother cleaning if you?re just destroying the building in the process?

There are a number of benefits of using green cleaning services, but when it comes down to it, health and safety should be your number one priority.

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