How You Can Help Disable Veterans With Your Unused and Unwanted Clothing Items

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Summer is here and we are finally able to wear those summer clothes that stores have had on their racks for months. We may be going through our closets, scanning our summer clothing options from the previous year and notice that the styles have already changed. You might be looking at clothing items and wondering why you purchased them or questioning if you even wore it the previous year. Perhaps you put on a few winter time pounds, and notice that a few of your items you will no longer be comfortable in. What do you do with all of these unwanted clothing items? Throwing them away seems like such a waste. If you were to sell them, you would probably only get cents on the dollar of what you actually paid for them. You could donate them to those in need, including clothing donations for veterans and children in need clothing.

Americans tend to recycle or donate only about 15% of their used clothing items. The other items are thrown out or left in their closets. When a clothing item is left in the back of a closet, it becomes purposeless. The owner will never wear it and it just takes up much needed storage space in the closet. Choosing to throw out a clothing item because you don?t think it is in good enough shape for donation can be a mistake too. It is best to allow that decision to the charity. Almost 100% of household textiles and clothing can be recycles, regardless of quality or condition. Donations of clothing actually is a great way to help those in need with very little effort and thought into the donation items. A Purple Heart clothing donation provides a lot of good for those veterans who have served us and our country.

The average American throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing, linens and other textiles each year. These clothing items can easily be donated to many charities, including clothing donations for veterans. Most people are unaware of the good that their clothing items can do for helping disable veterans. They actually help with donations for veterans in numerous ways. Clothing donations for veterans can help by providing clothing to veterans and their families, who may not be able to afford to continually purchase new clothing items. Also, the clothing items are sold to others in need, and the funds are then used to provide additional assistance to the veterans, including shelter and food costs. They can even help with disabled veteran?s pricey medial costs.

With summer coming, our summer clothing items will replace our warm, winter items. We are also forced to go through last year?s summer clothing items and rid our closet of any unwanted items. We may be tempted to throw them out, thinking that no one will want them. However, most clothing items can provide some type of benefit, regardless of their condition. It is best to leave this decision to the charity. Donating unwanted clothing items is a great way to help those in need, with very little effort and time from the person choosing to donate their unused clothing items.

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