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New college students have a lot on their plates. They’re most likely living on their own for the first time and encounter a lot of new responsibilities. To traverse this confusing yet exciting world, it’s important to keep a few key things in mind to save time and money.

  1. Organization
    When you live on your own for the first time, it?s easy to let your space get messy and disorganized from the chaos of college. Easiest solution? Get organized! Make sure everything has its own place. From your clothing to your desk space, organization is key.
    You?ll be doing a fair amount of schoolwork, so you?ll want to keep your desk or study area uncluttered to avoid distraction. Nearly eight of 10 people agree that a messy, cluttered desk can really hinder productivity. A clear space allows for a clear mind. Do you have a lot of notes from your class lectures? Numbered dividers will organize your notes by subject or chapter in your textbook. 3 ring binders may seem like something you would have only used in high school, but if you have a big workload and a lot of notes, a 3 ring binder will keep your papers neat and in order.
  2. Be Prepared!
    You?ll need to be well prepared in college. Do you have all the necessary materials for success? Social events are a great part of the college experience, but schoolwork is the most important. Notebooks are essential if you are going to take a lot of notes in class. Although many students type their notes on their computers, actually writing out the notes can help you remember the information better. You?ll go through a ton of pens and pencils ? those things get lost easily. Make sure you always have a writing utensil for tests, quizzes or just general note taking. With all of the papers you?ll be acquiring, you will need a way to keep them in order. Some people use folders, others like small 3 ring binders. Whichever you prefer, you?ll be well prepared and ready to take on your course load with the right tools and supplies.

  3. Buy Used Books
    Text books can be expensive. Buying them brand new is nice but will also greatly increase the cost. As long as the version is up to date, used books have the same exact content. When purchasing used books, make sure you’re buying from a credible source or online marketplace. A good online bookseller will ensure a high quality book gets to you in a timely manner. Renting books is also an option, but remember you’ll need to send them back in good condition. Cheap bubble mailers can be used to return books safely. You do not want to incur any additional fees from damaged books. Those cheap bubble mailers can be used to ship anything quickly and easily. When the semester ends and you’re looking to sell back books, save money by reusing cheap bubble mailers. Buying and selling books used is perfect for getting the information you need in the most cost-effective way.

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