What are ADA Signs and Why Should Businesses Care?

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Led message centers

We live in a literate society where ideas can be communicated through the medium of language. This allows us to distinguish and identify people, places, and ideas from each other, granting a sense of identity. Likewise, in today’s world your usiness can only survive by being able to actively communicate with your customer base — this often begins as a humble sign. Custom banners and sign suppliers are ready to help your business stand out with these easy tips on business signs.

Digital Signs

One of the flashiest options for any business is a digital sign. Digital signs are lit with LED light and can be programmed to display custom messages, offers, and images that display in various sequences. Locations with a digital sign report a 30% average increase in sales over locations with traditional signage. Analysts state that 40% of shoppers are more likely to visit merchants that use digital signs. For a sign that is as dynamic as your business, why not invest in a digital sign from one of your local LED message centers?

Business Signs

The facts state that 35% of the population would not even know how to find your business if you didn’t have a sign displayed; what does that mean for damaged, aged, or concealed signs? Between commuting and local traffic the average person will likely see your sign up to two times per day — that is already 60 views per person per month that those without signs are missing out on. Based on the number of views, it costs an average of $0.02 per thousand views to redesign a business sign; what are you waiting for?

ADA Signs

An ADA sign is a sign that is intended for Americans covered by the Americans With Disabilities Act. This can mean signs that integrate braille text or audio options to accommodate those with disabilities. Depending on your business and your target audience, outfitting your business with ADA signs can help to make your business more accessible for millions of Americans across the nation. Read more articles like this.

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