How to Brand a Product for Success

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How to brand a product

One of the biggest problems that new companies have to wrestle with is brand recognition. Those just entering the market often have some form of competition, some alternative option that may be able to do it better because they’ve been there longer. Coming up with an effective marketing plan is the first step to brand a product and use creative design to grab consumer attention and win customers. These are the reasons why one ought to carefully consider their market portfolio.

Customers Respond to Brands
Grabbing the attention of a customer using a dependable product, reliable service, or some other form of consumer recognition is all constitutive of your business’ brand recognition. Nearly 89% of business-to-business (B2B) manufacturing marketers that that increase brand awareness is crucial to maximize production and sales. Through newer, more creative forms of advertising, consumers are able to grab the attention of 76% of consumers before they even arrive at the store.

The Problem with Traditional Advertising
The problem with video and radio advertising is that a consumer must be present in front of the device for the advertisement to reach them. Billboards and other forms of signage are stationary, relying on consumers passing by to receive the advertisement. Advertising is a completely optional part of people’s lives as they can simply chose to ignore it, but smart advertising can capitalize on the moments when people are most open to creative suggestions.

Digital Presentation Formats
When trying to brand a product, no way works quite as well as mobile advertising. The internet is a community that connects smartphones, tablets, and computers. Nearly 80% of adults own a smartphone and connect to social media accounts where users are 71% more likely to purchase from a brand that they follow. Throughout the U.S. 60% of brands said that they plan on investing even more in digital marketing this year; nearly half of commercial banks offer some form of mobile advertising, often making it a key factor in attracting their customer base. No matter how you reach out to customers, you should always find new and innovative ways to engage your customer base and build up your brand.

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