Let Your Memory Live On With These Unique Cremation Memorial Ideas

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Cremation is one of the most popular forms of burial due to the versatility of what can be done with the remains. While some choose to scatter, bury, or store their remains, others look for more creative ways to use their remains in a way that represents their life. Here are four unique ways that a person’s remains can be turned into something that their loved ones can keep close.

Planted Them Into a Tree

Trees are one of the oldest living organisms, and are known for their strength and durability. Ashes can be mixed with a unique mix that stimulates the release of nutrients that are beneficial to plants, which are placed in biodegradable cremation urns are used to plant a tree. Companies offer a variety of different types of trees, such as weeping willow, cherry, pine, oak, and redwood trees.

Launch Them Into Space

Some companies are now allowing the transport of cremation ashes into space, allowing the deceased a final journey on the final frontier. Ashes can either take a trip into orbit and then back to Earth, or sent out into deep space. These are taken on real space missions, and the ashes will ride alongside a commercial or scientific satellite.

Turn Them Into Jewelry

Cremation ash jewelry has become more popular, as they allow family members and loved ones to keep a part of the deceased with them at all times. Remains can be turned into ash pendants, cremation bracelets, and other memorial keepsakes. It’s even possible to have your ashes turned into a real diamond, which can be fitted into a ring or necklace.

Keep Time With an Hourglass

While the ashes may not be a reliable measure of time, they can create beautiful memorial keepsakes that will help family members remember their lost loved ones fondly. Placing ashes in an hourglass can comfort those who have recently lost a loved one, as it reminds them that even when time runs out, they’ll still always be there.

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