3 Reasons to Rent Office Space for Your Startup

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It’s highly professional to operate your startup business from an office. However, there may not be any offices for sale right now, or you may not have the funds to purchase one.

That’s okay because you can still get available commercial space by looking for commercial property near me for rent. The best way to find commercial property for lease is to compare several providers at once to ensure that you find the best deal for yourself.

These are some of the qualities you should look for in such property:

24-Hour Access

24 hour access office space is something you will need to find to operate your business at any time. You won’t have to stress about being restricted by hours because you’ll be able to go to the site at your leisure.


You should check with the facility about amenities such as water, snacks, television, and the like. The goal is to get the max out of your experience of renting office space.

A Comfortable Environment

You’ll also need to ensure that the environment you are in remains comfortable. A happy business owner is a productive business owner all the time.

You’ll be a winner if you can find the qualities mentioned above in the place you rent as an office. The result could be that your startup profits very much.

Executive office space for rent

Small businesses have been the lifeblood of the American economy in many ways. Small businesses are defined as those that employ less than 500 employees, according to the Small Business Association (SBA). There are currently about 28 million in the U.S. today and are responsible for over 65% of the net new jobs since 1995.

Now, startups are beginning the new small businesses. These companies are generally started on even a smaller scale than small businesses, many times by just one person. If you’re thinking about or have already begun a startup business, you should rent office space. Office space rentals are becoming the new alternative to long-term apartment building leases. Here are three reasons for finding office space to rent for your startup.

1.) Affordability: Unless you have the benefit of an Angel investor, you’re startup will probably be born from humble beginnings. In other words, you probably don’t have the money, nor the necessity, to lease a long-term apartment building. Fortunately, you can rent office space for a fraction of the price. You’re going to want to keep your overhead costs as low as possible as a startup.

2.) Flexibility: Along with not having a plethora of funds, your future is a big unknown. Everyone hopes their business will succeed, but that simply isn’t real-life. Sometimes even great ideas fail and if that happens to your startup you don’t want to be left with 9 more months on an exorbitant office lease. Temporary office space rental allows great flexibility. Many companies will rent for a month, week, day, or even hour.

3.) Professional: A successful startup will generally take time and nurturing, usually you’ll be able to run the business from your home for awhile to save money but eventually you’re going to need a professional space. Whether it be to meet with potential investors, work on a special project, or provide a professional backdrop for a Skype call with a business partner eventually you’re going to need a space that’s not your home to work from. Save yourself the money, and stress of a long-term lease and opt to rent office space, at least until you get your startup off the ground.

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