4 Things You Don’t Know About Investing In Gold

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Gold is something that has always and will always retain value. There’s a reason why gold remains traded today, and why so many people are investing in gold and silver. Nonetheless, it’s a market that one should know before one invests. With the right strategies and a good amount of knowledge of what is being bought and sold, gold can be a great investment, turning an excellent profit. The rewards, however, are often up to the investor, and some of the facts about the gold of today may be surprising to people.

1. Gold And Silver Can Be Bought For Less

Many carry one of two perceptions: that gold is no longer relevant, or that it’s too expensive to invest in. Both of these assumptions is incredibly incorrect! As will soon be evident, gold still carries a high value in the United States. Furthermore, small amounts of gold aren’t the only ones available. Large gold bars … from 10 ounce bars to 400 ounce bars … can be bought for smaller fees, rather than the spot price if purchased from the right dealer. These kinds of prices open up the opportunity for great profits.

2. You Can Get More Gold Online

It should be no surprise that more gold can be bought at a better price online rather than in person. Different countries have different standards for one can be bought and sold in brick and mortar stores. In the United States, for example, most standard gold selling shops can only sell 10 ounce bars at the heaviest. Buying gold and silver can be simpler online, and you may be able to not only get a greater amount of metals, but better prices by sticking to online sources.

3. Gold Is Still Popular In The United StatesThe U.S. has a deep history with gold bars with the country and the metal being inextricably linked. Overall, the United States has circulated or deposited over $7.6 trillion worth of gold, with 2014 alone producing 211 tons of gold from American mines. Then there’s the American Eagle coin to consider … the most traded coin in the world. The American Eagle coin is responsible for 80% of America’s gold bullion circulation, emphasizing once again how important gold is to this country.

4. Gold Can Build You Up As An Investor

One practical element of investing in gold is the experience it adds to your investment portfolio. Investing in gold doesn’t involve active management, and is a fairly simple process compared to some other investments. Gold is not a risky investment, especially if you know what you’re doing. With the right processes and good sense, investing in gold should return a good profit. It’s all the reward of other investments, with very little risk!

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