Why You Don’t Need to Dread Sewer Repairs

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Your sewer line is one of the most necessary piping in your home. In the case of a broken drain pipe, the house will no longer be fit for staying. Sewer blockages, for instance, may result in foul odors that may make it uncomfortable to stay in the home. When looking for a broken main sewer line, you can start with wet ground attracting unpleasant flies due to a sewer leak. Also, you can call a professional if you are not sure if the pipe broke or clogged for proper evaluation.

A broken sewer pipe repair may involve total replacement of the broken pipe, or you can opt for insulation of your pipes. If your pipe is not too old and damaged, your plumber may suggest much cheaper and faster insulation. As for other drainage pipes, such as the sink pipe, you may use a plumber snake and try to unclog the pipes. However, if the device is not helpful after the next two trials, you should call a professional plumber to help you out. Taking preventive measures is better than repairing a broken drain from time to time. You can avoid stuffing hair, lots of paper, flushing responsibly after using the toilet and minimize occasional sewer repair.

Nobody likes sewer repairs, but they’re necessary from time to time. And fortunately, the industry has progressed a lot in the past decade or so to make these repairs a whole lot less stressful than they used to be. The key is trenchless technology. Here’s what you need to know:

Why Would I Want a Trenchless Repair?

A trenchless sewer repair (as its name suggests) is one that is done without digging a trench along the length of the sewer line in order to repair or replace it. This allows the repair to be done more quickly, with less mess, and without disturbing your landscaping. That means you have to spend less time worrying about the repair both while it’s being done and after it’s been completed. Trenchless repairs also use superior materials, meaning you should see an immediate improvement in the functioning of your sewer system.

How Is That Accomplished, Exactly?

No, it’s not magic. A trenchless repair is accomplished using a material called cured in place pipe, or CIPP. For a CIPP repair, your sewer repair contractors will typically need only one access point to the sewer line. From there, the crew will feed a flexible tube — a liner, essentially — into the existing pipe. This liner is impregnated with resin or epoxy so that, once in place, it can be hardened (cured) to create a seamless, jointless pipe within a pipe. This new pipe has a marginally smaller diameter than the original sewer line, but improves flow because of the smooth surface.

OK, But I Bet It’s More Expensive, Right?

You’re probably assuming that you’ll have to pay through the nose to get this kind of technology. But in many cases, a trenchless repair turns out to be the better overall financial choice. Even if you have to pay slightly more for the materials, you need to account for the fact that a shorter installation time cuts down on labor costs. Plus, you won’t have to fix costly landscaping and paving, both of which are frequently disturbed by traditional repairs.

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