Why Heavy Haul Trucking is the Best Commercial Transportation Option

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Updated: 1/28/2022

Thousands of truck drivers across the country use heavy trucking rigs to haul heavy loads from one point to another. Heavy freight-hauling trucks can be used to move equipment and machinery, heavy raw materials like wood and stone, and large pallets and containers of food and other items in bulk. Working as a heavy haul driver can be a very rewarding experience, but there is a good bit of training and expertise that is required to safely operate these heavy trucking rigs.

Special training, in addition to normal commercial classes, are required before getting behind the wheel of these trucks. Drivers need to know how to properly load and unload the heavy cargo and understand and adhere to heavy haul weight limits. They also must know how to safely drive the trucks as well as care for and maintain them while on the road.

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver and want to know more about industrial hauling services, check your local vo-tech college and see what classes may be available.

Anyone who drives a commercial truck, whether a semi or other delivery or shipment vehicle, know the importance of good vehicle maintenance and upkeep.

Everything from truck clutch replacement, brake services, tire checks, and anything else can be done with the help of a skilled auto mechanic.

If you drive for a living, you know the importance of upkeep and finding truck repair services and 24-hour truck parts. Anything can happen on the road, so it is critical to know where to go when vehicle services are required.

Heading to the local truck mechanic is often the best option for any driver, but it can be a bit more challenging if you are away from home and in unfamiliar areas.

You can search local directories for mechanic shops in the area or check online for a vehicle and tractor-trailer repair shop nearby.

Also, be sure to use your smartphone and use it to search for reliable commercial mechanics that can take care of you and your vehicle.

Heavy haul trucking

When shipping goods, many business clients want a safe, dependable option that will see the stock arrive quickly to its destination. Air travel is often expensive, and trains only work well for certain industries. Thanks to hard working Americans, the heavy haul service can quickly and effectively ship all manner of goods to anywhere in the country. When you hire a heavy haul trucking company, you place your trust in them to get the job done quickly and carefully; these are the best reasons why you should leave it to a trucker.

Heavy Duty Power
Your average tractor trailer truck engine is nearly six times larger than a standard car engine in terms of mass and weight. An eighteen wheel truck is so dubbed due to the eight tires mounted on the trailer and the ten tires on the tractor. Most eighteen wheelers are between 70 and 80 feet in length, giving them plenty of storage space to haul all manner of goods for clients.

On average, a semi-truck can cover up to 8,000 miles per month. At any given second, large trucks are traveling 2,965 combined highway miles, making heavy haul trucking one of the most popular forms of commercial transportation in the American business world.

American Jobs
Many companies will chose a heavy haul transportation service solely on the fact that these companies employ hard–working Americans. As of 2012 nearly 1,701,500 American women and men worked in the trucking and heavy haul trucking industry. Thanks to the continued success of the industry, that number continues to grow by thousands each year.

Specialized Care
Given their continued experience, many heavy haul companies guarantee that products will be delivered quickly and safely. Nearly 70% of the country’s freight is handled by heavy haul trucking companies. Fragile cargo like furniture and other manufactured products account for 15% of all cargo shipped in the united states. Specialized cooling and freezing units are available to transport cold cargo across the country. Companies that deal in high–volume transportation can use nearly 3 million trucks and drivers to move 9.2 billion tons of freight per year. For the reliable, American option, choose heavy hauling trucks for all your commercial transportation needs.

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