3 Reasons to Think About Upgrading Electronic Security

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As technology advances and continues to bring our society to new heights, so too does the opportunity for deviance. Electronic security is one of the fastest growing industries, because unfortunately there is a need for it. It’s estimated that spending on electronic security is growing at a rate of 4.3% a year. If creating a quality product/service is the number one goal of a business, than protecting the assets of the company must be a close second. Here are three common sense reasons for improving the sensors and controls that run your security.

    1.) Reduce Risk: A better security system means less risk plain and simple. It is 4.5 times more likely for a business to be burglarized if it doesn’t have an alarm system than one that does. Perception becomes reality. If left to chance you run the risk of getting burned. One option is to find executive search firms that will hire it security recruiters to help plan your electronic security strategy.

    2.) Insurance Implications: If you don’t have proper security precautions in place you could be putting your entire company in jeopardy. Many insurance policies require that alarm systems are not only in place, but working properly for payments to be collected in the event of an incident. Make sure you have the right specifications and keep it properly maintained.

    3.) Technological Advances: Advances in technology mean advances for the bad guys as well. With new ways to override security systems it’s important to have a multi-faceted approach. One thing to think about is robotics. Having computer-controlled machines at entrances to check I.D.’s is one example of such. Another way is to require something like fingerprint, or optical recognition in order to access sensitive areas.

No matter what your business, security should be one of the focal points every day. The average production worker only makes about $12 an hour in the U.S. so you never know who will take a chance to better their plot in life. Make the necessary plans and rest easy knowing your biggest asset is well protected.

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