Turn Your Office Supplies into Cute Crafts!

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Mead 3 ring binder

If you’re sick of looking at all your unused office supplies laying around, I’ve got an easy solution: stop doing that! Seriously, knock it off! Instead, turn it into stuff you WILL use! Check out these ideas for ways you can repurpose office supplies into cool, fun crafts.

Bubble Mailer Laptop Sleeve – Turn those cheap bubble mailers into something you really will use! The bubble wrap lining will keep your computer nice and safe, and you can decorate the outside with whatever you’d like. Washi tape, magazine clippings, even fabric! The possibilities are endless. (And if you don’t like your creation, cheap mailers are everywhere. Just try again!)

Assorted Supplies Jewelry – If you’ve got a surplus of paperclips, staples, small binder rings, or all three, make them into trendy chic jewelry! By linking these little doo-dads together, or wrapping them in a laser label or some tape, you can make a cool, one of a kind necklace, bracelet, or ring that will make all your cubicle-mates jealous.

Sticky Wall Art – Don’t let those post-its and laser inkjet labels gather dust. Stick them to your wall! Make your own creative wall-decor using colorful sticky notes and labels. You can draw right on top of them, or just organize them in a funky design. If you’re not artistically inclined, try making them into a laser label wall calendar. (Pre-cut squares make for easy organizing.)

Floppy Disk Jars – This one is my favorite. Take your old floppy disks and glue the edges together, making a little open box. Then, fill it with pencils, plants, other floppy disks, whatever your heart desires! Anything is better than all this junk taking up valuable space on your desk. Get crafty and get organized!

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