5 Reasons Logistics Businesses Need Logistics Recruiters

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If you own a business working in the field of logistics or supply chain management, you know that having the right employees is paramount when it comes to high productivity and overall efficiency. But how can you find the employees you need — especially if you need to fill a mission-critical position as soon as possible? Your best option is working with specialized supply chain and logistics recruiters (supply chain recruiters look at a slightly narrower scope, but same general field, as logistics recruiters). Here are five ways hiring a recruiter can benefit your company:

  1. Recruiters Save You Time and Labor Costs

    Looking for new employees is a time-consuming process, which means you’ll either be taking workers (and probably yourself) away from the company’s core competencies and/or putting more money into an in-house hiring team you don’t really need. By hiring an independent recruiting agency, you get the help you need when you need it, and don’t have to pay for it the rest of the time.

  2. Recruiters Can Help You Define the Position

    Writing clear, accurate and realistic job descriptions is one of the biggest factors in attracting the best applicants. Partnering with recruiters can help you to focus in on what’s really important in the position and properly articulate it.

  3. Recruiters Help You Remain Confidential

    If you’re thinking of expanding or restricting your operations, your competitors certainly don’t need to know that — but they will, if you just go around posting open positions on public job boards. Working through recruiters ensures that your private businesses stays that way until you’re prepared to make a formal announcement.

  4. Recruiters Give You Access to a Passive Market

    Sometimes, your best prospective candidates won’t even be looking for jobs. That’s especially true when it comes to high-level positions. But executive search firms spend a lot of time networking and are experienced in convincing high-performing leaders to transition to a new company.

  5. Recruiters Find You Better Employees Faster

    It’s generally said that a highly efficient employee generates between three and five times his or her annual salary in company revenue. That means letting a position stay empty is actually costing you money in the long run. Recruiters can fill positions quickly without sacrificing quality.

Have you given any thought to working with supply chain or logistics recruiters? Join the discussion in the comments.

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