5 Major Mistakes That Could Keep You Unemployed

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Whether you’re planning a job hunt or are in the middle of one that’s been unsuccessful thus far, you should ensure you’re not killing your chances by making these common job-searching mistakes:

  1. Failing to Focus on Your Networking Skills

    Spending all day in your apartment responding to online job postings probably won’t get you a job very quickly — and it probably won’t get you the job you really want, either. Spend at least half your job-searching time networking both online and in person, especially if you’re seeking a high-level position.

  2. Sending Out Unedited or Generic Resumes

    Your resumes need to be tightly written and painstakingly proofread. Remember that it’s shockingly easy to overlook typos in your own work, so take the time to send them off to at least a writing-savvy friend or even a professional resume editor before any prospective employers lay eyes on them. Notice too that you should have “resumes” and not “a resume” — it’s fine to have one longer core resume or CV that you use as a foundation, but you should be tailoring every iteration of it to the specific job for which you’re applying.

  3. Over or Underestimating Your Market Value

    You need to actually research your market value, not just pick a figure that you’d like to be making. Keep in mind, however, that underestimating your worth could be as harmful as overestimating it; doing your research in advance should empower you to negotiate confidently straight off the bat, rather than timidly asking for a raise somewhere down the road.

  4. Not Being Open to Working With Recruiters

    Most people know of executive search services or temp agencies. But there’s actually quite a lot in between executive search firms and temp firms — there are recruiters in nearly every field with the connections you need. Depending on your background, a highly specialized type such as military transition recruiters or HVAC recruiters might be your best bet; if you have more generalized experience, you might want to check out logistics recruiters. Logistics recruiters can place in you in all sorts of jobs, from technical to administrative, so there are many opportunities to be had.

  5. Being Too Flexible About Possible Positions

    It’s good to be open to new opportunities, but failing to put boundaries on your job search can make it difficult to search methodically. Start with your core skills and goals, and then work outward from there.

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