Three Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Used Computer Hardware

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One of the greatest challenges when trying to bring your business up to speed in the Information Age is cost. Between server racks and enclosures, air conditioning systems, high-end processors, and robust systems that can handle even the heaviest workload, costs are going to be one of the most significant hurdles you face when setting up your onsite server.

As the popular online technology blog Dave’s Computer Tips details, you can solve this issue by opting for used server racks and other used computer hardware, instead of buying everything fresh off the shelf. Not only can buying used components help you save money, it can also help you to do your part to staunch the every growing problem of eWaste.

That said, you have to know what to look for when buying used parts to avoid buying junk. In the worst case scenario, you could buy used parts that come with a slew of trojans that will do a lot of damage to your company. Avoid these issues and others by keeping these things in mind when shopping for your used parts.

How to Stay Smart When Shopping for Used Server Racks and Other Computer Hardware

  1. Stick to Refurbished or Recertified Models
  2. One of the best things you can do to protect yourself when shopping for used parts is to look for those that are either refurbished or recertified, as PC Magazine details. Refurbished parts have been updated and repaired to the point where they are nearly indecipherable from comparable newer models. Recertification means they’ve been checked for quality and have had their software licenses upgraded. The benefits here should be self-explanatory.

  3. Warranties Are a Definite Must
  4. It can be awfully tempting to buy an otherwise expensive piece of machinery, like a small server cabinet, for dirt cheap, but unless it comes with a warranty, you aren’t really getting a deal. As the online tech community points out, it’s far too common for people to buy a used server rack cooling system, video card, or other high end part without a warranty, only to find themselves stuck in a tough situation a few weeks later when it stops working. Do yourself a favor and make warranties a must.

  5. Consider the Source
  6. Buying used computer parts is just like buying anything else, in that you wouldn’t trust just anybody to sell you just anything. If you want to find quality used parts at a great price, you have to go to the best retailers. Craigslist, for example, has a well-earned reputation of being a den of scum and villainy when it comes to buying and selling used computer parts. You’re more likely to waste your money there than anything else. Do your research on each retailer you’re considering to protect yourself and find exactly what you need.

Do you use used server racks and other secondhand tech to power your onsite server room? What is some of the advice you’d give to other business owners looking to do the same? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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