The Best and Worst Jobs in Sales

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Is sales a good career

After slogging through college and feeling the burden of a $30,000 debt or thereabouts, you might be wondering whether a sales job is for you. A job in sales can be a rewarding career — both figuratively and literally. Not only can it pay well if you’re successful, but it’s hardly a paper-pushing job. People that work in sales are constantly challenged and asked to fill in the puzzle pieces connecting what they’re selling, to what the customer needs help doing.

What are the best and worst jobs in sales? Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ wage estimates, it’s possible to figure out which jobs are great — and which jobs have a high turnover rate for numerous reasons. What jobs might be right for a career in sales?

Top Job: Securities, Financial Services, and Commodities Sales Career

If money is your goal, this is the industry to be in. On average, you’ll earn $95,130 a year, but many top earners bring in nearly twice this. Having a background in finance or economics will help you land this job, and New York and Connecticut hire the majority of these employees.

Top Job: Representative for Manufacturers of Scientific and Technical Products

For individuals who feel like finance might be too money-focused for their preference, jobs in the tech and science industry can be enjoyable and high-paying at the same time. For people who want to make a difference, you can be working with some of the latest medical devices and medications out there — services that can help thousands of people live healthier lives. On average, this job brings in $84,360 a year.

Not a Top Job: Low Risk Sales Positions (Cashiers etc.)

While an un-updated minimum wage has something to do with why these positions pay poorly, it also illustrates an important principle of sales jobs: the more risk you take on, the more reward you can access. Cashiers don’t work on commission, so they do not take on the risk of sometimes making less than anticipated. They will always get paid. Sales people who deal with more risk and who need more knowledge about their clients’ needs are subsequently paid more.

If you’re having trouble finding a higher-pay position in sales, consider teaming up with a sales recruitment agency. Are you looking for a career in sales? Let us know in the comments. Get more on this here:

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