Help Your Products Stand Out with In Mold Labeling and Packaging

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When choosing how to package a product, manufacturers have plenty of aspects of the packaging design to consider. For those who need food packaging labels, for instance, many prefer a label that glues or sticks onto a package; tin cans and bottles often use cut and stack labels for a simple packaging solution. Others may prefer heat shrink sleeve labels, which are sealed around a product. These are especially popular for bottled beverages, but they can be used for almost any application.

However, there is another type of labeling to consider when designing a product package: in mold labeling. In mold labeling places the label inside a sealed container, so it is “molded” to the bottle, canister, box, or other type of package. The process for this type of labeling can involve blow molding, injection molding, or thermoforming; it then turns the package into a pre-decorated container.

Because in mold labels are molded into the walls of containers, they are often considered more durable than a typical paper label. Many custom packaging companies will test these labels to see how well they stand up to the elements. They can also be tested for how well they handle scuffs, heat, cold, and other types of issues that these canisters can encounter.

One feature that these types of containers could have is ink that responds to temperatures. This is an especially creative option for manufacturers who are looking to make an impression on customers, especially when it comes to items used for promotions. Approximately 84% of customers who receive a free, branded product tend to remember that company’s brand name later when the time comes to make a purchase. Giving away or selling a unique item with color-changing ink can be a fun way to get your product to stand out.

For many companies, in mold labeling provides a way for companies to ensure that their labels don’t get damaged or fall off of a container. It can also give packaging a professional, finished look that it might not receive with a stick-on label.

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