Five Reasons Why Local SEO is Gaining Momentum

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Local seo strategies

Locally-focused search engine optimization, or SEO, is quickly becoming one of the most popular areas of SEO.

And when an amazing 83% of web users use search engines and 93% of all experiences on the web begin with a search engine, it’s no coincidence that so many local businesses are looking to local SEO companies for help with moving up in the search engine rankings.

So if your local business hasn’t yet taken advantage of all the benefits that SEO for small business can have, there has never been a better time to do so.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at these five reasons why local businesses benefit from local SEO strategies:

1. SEO tailored to you: Local search optimization is a little different from the traditional SEO most people know. Local SEO strategies create content and keywords based around the geographic area — even the neighborhood — in which your business operates rather than working on a global scale.

2. Cost-efficiency: Employing a local SEO campaign is much, much more affordable than choosing to advertise on TV or in print like most of your competitors do. Local SEO is even more cost-efficient than paying for ad space on Google, especially since anywhere from 70 to 80% of people using search engines will ignore paid ads.

3. Content that matters: Local SEO strategies are similar to regular SEO in that content is king. Creating worthwhile, engaging content that people will want to read is one of the best ways to get traffic on your website and to move up in Google’s rankings, which favors quality over quantity when it comes to content and keyword use.

4. It guides customers to you: Did you know that 39% of customers on average will visit a business based on a prior Internet search? The web is full of people in your area who are searching for what your business has to offer — the best way to connect with them is to utilize local SEO strategies.

5. A competitive edge: More than half of American small businesses still don’t even have a website. This shocking statistic means that taking advantage of local SEO now will make your business much more competitive, because it will be far ahead of its competitors in the race for SEO supremacy. More info like this.

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