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Accord to a recent study, there are 4.9 billion Internet searches every month — that means 1,890 searches every second. Web hosting services and other types of businesses that revolve around the Internet mecca are growing more aware that content-based SEO is quickly becoming the new model for Internet marketing.

There’s a lot of information out there about SEO techniques, and depending on how up to speed you are with the technique, there are different levels of understanding; they range from advanced SEO techniques to basic SEO techniques for beginners. Here are 10 of the best tips every business should keep in mind:

  • Patience: You may not see results for a couple months — especially if you are a smaller company — but once you do see the results, you will understand the importance of this Internet marketing strategy.
  • Ask questions: Before hiring a social media marketing firm or SEO company, ask what types of tactics they use and see if these strategies agree with where you want your business to be headed.
  • Analytics: Once you have goals and attainable numbers set, install a web analytics software, such as Goole Analytics, to track your progress.
  • Aesthetics: Your site won’t end up on the first page of results without designing a great web site, no matter what kind of SEO techniques you are using.
  • Research: Look up keywords that pertain to your company or your company’s products or services. Try using Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool for starters.
  • Be unique: Having unique yet relevant titles for every page on your site is one of the most important SEO techniques out there; this will set you apart from your competitors.
  • User first: Remember, it is your customers who will be buying your goods and services, not the bots and spiders crawling the web. Don’t keyword stuff — your users will catch on very quickly.
  • Content: Along with writing for your user, create content that is your own. Write your product descriptions using the keywords you searched for earlier.
  • Press releases: This can help you get linked to social media sites, but only use these if you have something newsworthy to talk about.
  • Blogging: Companies that blog receive 55% more web traffic than those who don’t, so start one or at least participate in guest writing for another related blog, the search engines love to pick these up and put them on the first page of results.

No matter if you are just starting out or are a seasoned SEO veteran, always know that these techniques are constantly changing, and it may be wise to consult a professional marketing firm. See this link for more.

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