Restaurant or Hotel Owners, Win Over Patrons With Compelling Interiors

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Professionals are getting increasingly creative with restaurant, bar, and hospitality design. New York City welcomed its first Cat Cafe just a few weeks ago, for example. “Cat lovers and the cat-curious enjoy complimentary ‘cat’achino’ cappuccinos, talk cat health, and learn about cat adoption with 16 cuddly cats,” CNN reported. Restaurant and hotel interior designers, however, do not necessarily need to bring in beloved felines for innovative and compelling spaces. Here are a few ways to breathe life into tired interiors:

Spruce Up (Or Tone Down) Lighting

Hotel and restaurant designers can easily revamp interiors by taking some creative license with lighting. A London restaurant Dans le Noir? takes experiments with lighting to an extreme. The peculiar restaurant immerses diners in complete darkness, leaving them to rely on their other senses — taste, smell, sound, and touch — to enjoy their meals. The hospitality designers spared no details. “Waiters and waitresses are blind or visually impaired and have been trained to serve meals in the dark,” Woman’s Day continues. Although you may not want to take it quite that far, consider dim lighting for restaurant interiors or open, airy interiors for a welcoming hotel lobby.

Create A Striking Color Palette

An eye-catching color scheme can make all of the difference. Complement dim lighting with black or dark red walls with bronze and/or gold accents. If you are working with an interior with a lot of natural lighting, on the other hand, white or cool colors (such as blues) typically work best.

Remember, Atmosphere Is Key

“Dining out is rarely just about the food. The scene, the socializing, and the sense of a special event are equally important. When done right, a restaurant’s design enhances all of these elements. A simple meal seems that much more appetizing when paired with appealing furniture, luxurious finishes, and alluring lighting,” Architectural Digest writes. In other words, it doesn’t necessarily matter how you do it — but it is important that you carefully consider aesthetics. Similarly, a sleek and clean hotel interior will draw in crowds and win over guests.

Visually engaging interiors can make all of the difference. Restaurant and hotel interior designers can completely change the look and feel of an establishment with lighting, well-chosen colors, and carefully considering the bigger picture.

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