Thousands of Years Later, Decorative outdoor Lighting Serves Same Purpose

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Clock repair and restoration

Antique lamp posts and other antique outdoor lighting fixtures lend an element of class to any outdoor atmosphere. And what better compliments these than the classic look and feel presented with outdoor clocks.

Originally used in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, street lamps were originally used to illuminate the walkway for safety and to keep robbers at bay. They also originally required a lamp lighter to manually visit the posts to light them at dusk. As time marched on, colonial outdoor lighting fixtures advanced as municipalities developed power delivery. And gas lighting throughout the 19th and 20th centuries became part of exterior functioning and design.

Today, antique lamp posts with these nostalgic features and styles are still available to add an element of charm to everything from golf courses to village greens. Even a simple outdoor street lantern at the entrance to a country club greatly establishes ambiance, classic and refined.

Also a nice compliment to any golf course or country club are street clocks. Outdoor post clocks also increase curb appeal for any building. Both present in outdoor architecture for thousands of years, one can’t help feel the nostalgia street clocks and antique street lamp posts invoke.

Rustic outdoor lighting available with antique lamp posts serve the same purpose they did the Romans 2000 years ago, but now add a certain degree of charm and cleanliness. Adding street lamps to any building increases visibility at night and provides an historic classy feel to any outdoor area.

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