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Each year millions of people participate in some form of sea travel. This is a pastime that dates back hundreds of years and provides relaxation, commerce, and adventure to those seeking it. Here are some interesting things to know about sea travel before you venture out on your next expedition.

Two main types of sea vessel are the ocean liner and the cruise vessel. The lines have become increasingly blurred between the two although there are some key differences. Specifically, there are differences in construction of cruise vessel parts and equipment that differentiate it from an ocean liner. Also, the deployment for each types of ship tend to differ. Ocean liners are typically build to a higher standard that average ships as a way to withstand rough seas. Parts of vessel manufacturing in this class include, a higher freeboard and stronger plating to sustain the weather conditions often found in the North Atlantic.

The cruise ship industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade with an average of one new ship commissioned to be built each year. With the building of new ships comes the emphasis on parts of vessel maintenance. Suppliers of cargo vessel parts and equipment, marine engine spare parts, and even galley pantries marine equipment and rising to the demand for parts of vessel maintenance.

One of the key parts of vessel travel is the comfort of the passengers and crew. Typically each vessel is outfitted with a central galley that serves major restaurants. On some ships specialty restaurants will have their own specific galleys to cater to their more refined customers.
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