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With the accessibility and popularity of today’s technology, the worst thing a company can do is neglect their web presence. The day’s of running a business simply on word of mouth and the occasional flyer are long gone; competition has increased, and potential customers now turn to the internet before making a choice, or simply make their purchases on their computer or mobile phone. In order to stay competitive, every company needs to use web marketing and other online methods to connect with their customers, advertise sales and products, and create a reputation as a responsive, technologically-savvy business.

But these days, simply creating a website isn’t enough to accomplish those goals: it is also important that a website be well designed and have a responsive web design that fits users’ needs. And because of this, it is equally important that a website have mobile features: today, almost half of all Americans now own a smartphone, according to statistics from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, making it easy for the average customer to search for companies on their phone. But this also means that a badly designed website can leave a negative impression of a business: studies show that over a third of mobile users consider time spent on a poorly optimized website a waste of time, and 48% of users say that if a web site that doesn’t work well on mobile, it seems that the business doesn’t care.

The solution to this internet marketing issue is simple: companies today should hire a mobile web design company. The average mobile web design company offers a variety of services, ranging from basic web design and development services to mobile optimization. Their web design experts are aware of numerous web design tips and tricks to improve your users’ online and mobile experience: for example, statistics show that 75% of mobile users want to be able to navigate a website easily; they want to be able to find what they’re looking for on a website with just a few clicks, and also want a search bar that is easy to find and use. A web design agent employed by a mobile web design company will be aware of this and able to create a website that meets this criteria and more.

But a responsive web design company will be able to offer other services as well: do you need to market your website and your company online? Are you interested in a certain style of website design? Have you received feedback from your customers that you would like to apply to your website? Depending on the mobile web design company, they may offer additional services including SEO web design, digital marketing, graphic designing, and adaptive web design services, to name just a few. The options available to you and your company by hiring web design services are limitless.

Still not convinced? Studies show that 74% of mobile device users say they are more likely to return to a website that has mobile optimization in the future. Could your business use more customers? Are you interested in directing more users to your website? Are you ready to take advantage of the technological possibilities offered to companies like yours? If so, contact a mobile web design company today to talk about the ways they could improve your business through web design.

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