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Custom postcard printing can help you to reach new customers while delivering a deeper impression to their minds than entirely digital options can. Direct mail postcard printing allows you to craft and to deliver your business’ own unique message in a way that help you to convey the image of it that you want to people who are likely to be receptive to this message.

Postcards and postcard marketing both have a very long history at this point. Custom postcard printing has long been a part of this. During the First World War, soldiers used to send friends and family postcards made embroidered silk mesh. Postcards have played such a role in our culture that collecting them, or deltiology, has grown into one of the world’s largest three collectibles hobbies. In the 1960s and 1970s, a peculiar outgrowth of postcard marketing was the use of postcards to announce new highways and industrial parks to the public at large.

Presently, around 90 billion pieces of direct mail marketing are sent every year. Direct mail marketing is therefore still an enormous and important aspect of marketing, despite the explosive growth of new and diverse internet marketing media. Even if you use digital marketing media, traditional print marketing media are still an important part of a full and effective marketing strategy. Custom postcard printing is an easy and low cost way of making traditional mailed advertisements a part of your own strategy. If you are new to business or marketing and wondering what this should look like, you can find a sample of business postcards on many advertisers’ sites to help you to find inspiration. Use creative custom postcard printing to help to create and spread the image of your business that you want customers to see.

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